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Amazon uses dummy parcels to catch thieves

Amazon has teamed up with police in the US in an effort to stop thieves who steal parcels left outside homes. Officers in New Jersey are planting dummy boxes fitted with GPS trackers, coupled with hidden doorbell cameras, at homes around the city of Jersey. The homes selected for the experiment were chosen using the […]

Bereaved mother criticises Facebook over baby ads

Meghan Markle Tops Google's Global Trending Charts For 2018

Google chief denies political bias claims

Nintendo's biggest game of 2018 proves that the gaming giant still hasn't figured out how to make online games

Amazon’s Homegrown Chips Threaten Silicon Valley Giant Intel


Microsoft’s latest patent paves the way for Andromeda dual-screen mobile device

Ryan Smalley | Behance A new foldable hinge patent has emerged that could shed additional light on Microsoft’s rumored, and supposedly upcoming, Andromeda dual-screen computer. The patent itself details a newly designed locking hinge mechanism that allows a clamshell style device to be popped open easily with a single hand. Language within the patent notes that […]

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops for 2019

The Best Windows Micro Desktops for 2019


How to record calls on your iPhone

Our smartphones can help us order pizzas, hail cabs, and even detect heartbeats, so you’d think it’d be easy to record a simple phone call. Sadly, that’s not the case. Despite what you may think, recording a call isn’t as easy as merely pressing a button on your iPhone — in order to get it […]

Google Maps now shows you nearby Lime scooters, bikes, and e-bikes

Report: iPhone Suppliers Mull Leaving China Over US Tariffs

Puma revives its classic 1986 smart shoe, complete with ugly heel hump


Canon holiday sale features the Rebel T6 2-lens kit for just $449

Les Shu/Digital Trends If you have a budding photographer in your life in need of a real camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 could make the perfect gift this holiday season. Canon is currently offering the camera in a two-lens bundle for just $ 449 through December 29. The kit, which normally sells for $ […]


Light, speed: Lighting kit for DJI Mavic 2 lets you fly and film in the dark

[embedded content] The DJI Mavic 2, in both Zoom and Pro varieties, is already our favorite drone, and one of the best products of 2018, and it’s about to get even better as third-party accessories hit the market. Lume Cube, maker of small battery-powered LED lights for mobile photography, has announced a new lighting kit […]


Photographers can now customize the layout of Lightroom Classic controls

Lightroom CC Target Album Adobe When Adobe split Lightroom into two programs, the company reordered the controls in Lightroom CC in a way designed to be easier to learn. But now, photographers using Lightroom Classic can reorganize the Develop modules to customize their workflow. The update is part of several updates across the Adobe photography […]


Instagram could be making a special type of account for influencers

Influencers are a major part of Instagram and they could be getting their own custom version of the app. Instagram is currently testing creator accounts, which are somewhat similar to business profiles but with features designed for influencers, the company told The Hollywood Reporter. Instagram designed the accounts, called creator accounts, specifically for influencers, artists […]


#ThrowbackThursday is only the start: Instagram hashtags for every day of the week

Let’s face it, humans are down for any excuse to take a photo of themselves. Whether it’s a filtered photo of a couple on vacation or the blatant thirst for likes that is the selfie, Instagram is the ideal platform to participate in this embarrassing — albeit ubiquitous — behavior. Of course, you don’t have […]


FanAI and Hi-Rez to gather audience analytics for Smite, Paladins, and Realm Royale

FanAI, Hi-Rez Studios and Skillshot Media are partnering to gather audience data for potential sponsors of Hi-Rez’s games such as Smite, Paladins, and Realm Royale. Those games have more than 70 million players, and FanAI, an esports audience monetization platform, will use its proprietary artificial intelligence analytics to gather and analyze player data. FanAI data […]

Doctor Who wraps a solid season with its first female Time Lord

Epic opens Fortnite’s cross-platform services for free to other devs

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