Marvel reportedly wants to follow Black Panther’s success with Shang-Chi film

Enlarge / A 1979 issue of Shang-Chi’s primary Marvel Comics series. Marvel Marvel Studios has already teased major announcements this week in the form of new Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 film trailers. But one additional piece of big Marvel news has leaked out before either of those dropped. According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel Studios […]


Roomi’s fall from grace: Major layoffs follow allegations of frivolous spending and nepotism

Next week will mark one year since Roomi announced a fresh $ 11 million in funding, a cash injection that came just as the New York-based shared housing marketplace declared it had hit the magic 1 million user milestone. That series A round was intended to spearhead a major domestic and global expansion drive — and […]

Emerging Tech

Follow the yellow brick road? New pee-based ‘bio-bricks’ cut construction costs

What do you get when you mix human urine, loose sand, and bacteria? The answer is urine-based bio-bricks: A more environmentally friendly substitute for kiln-fired bricks, according to researchers at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Civil engineering master’s degree student Suzanne Lambert recently unveiled the newly formulated bricks. Similar to seashell formation, the bio-bricks result […]


Snap a photo to follow a new friend on Instagram with its Nametags tool

Instagram Adding friends on Instagram is now as simple as scanning a photo. On Thursday, October 4, Instagram launched Nametag, a custom scannable graphic that allows other users to follow you by snapping a photo. The launch comes alongside Instagram’s tests directed toward school communities designed to connect college students. Scanning a Nametag works like […]