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Google hit with £44m GDPR fine over ads

Google has been fined 50 million euros (£44m) by the French data regulator CNIL, for a breach of the EU’s data protection rules. CNIL said it had levied the record fine for “lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding ads personalisation”. The regulator said it judged that people were “not sufficiently […]


Nerf Rival ‘Overwatch’ blasters offer form over function

Back at BlizzCon 2018, we learned about Hasbro’s line of Nerf Rival Overwatch blasters made to replicate the look and feel of some of the heroes’ most popular weapons. They’re scheduled to be released as timed exclusives for GameStop and EB Games in January, but Hasbro sent them over to Digital Trends for free so we could […]


Washington sues Facebook over data breach

(Reuters) — Facebook shares sank on Wednesday as concerns about its ability to safeguard user data sparked a government lawsuit, criticism in the U.S. Congress and a New York Times report on how it had shared data with other companies. The stock of the world’s largest social media company fell 7.25 percent, its biggest intraday […]


Google Lens now recognizes over 1 billion products

Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered analysis tool, can now recognize over 1 billion products from Google’s retail and price comparison portal, Google Shopping. That’s four times the number of objects Lens covered in October 2017, when it made its debut. Aparna Chennapragada, vice president of Google Lens and augmented reality at Google, revealed the tidbit in a […]

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Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to

Enlarge Aurich Lawson / Getty Images With Microsoft’s decision to end development of its own Web rendering engine and switch to Chromium, control over the Web has functionally been ceded to Google. That’s a worrying turn of events, given the company’s past behavior. Chrome itself has about 72 percent of the desktop-browser market share. Edge […]

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Bereaved mother criticises Facebook over baby ads

The mother of a stillborn child has called on tech companies to rethink how they target ads after she was inundated with baby-related promotions. Gillian Brockell wrote to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Experian, saying if they were smart enough to deduce she had been pregnant, they should have realised her baby had died. Other internet […]


Move over AlphaGo: AlphaZero taught itself to play three different games

Enlarge / Starting from random play and knowing just the game rules, AlphaZero defeated a world champion program in the games of Go, chess, and shogi (Japanese chess). DeepMind Technologies, Ltd. Google’s DeepMind—the group that brought you the champion game-playing AIs AlphaGo and AlphaGoZero—is back with a new, improved, and more-generalized version. Dubbed AlphaZero, this […]


Disney Magic Kingdoms has over $114 million in revenue, 70 million downloads

Gameloft and Disney announced today that their mobile game Disney Magic Kingdoms has made over $ 114 million revenue. It has also reached over 70 million downloads since its launch in 2016. The free-to-play game has players creating their Disney park. You can decorate your destination with attractions and characters from Disney and Pixar films […]


Players angered over ‘Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition’ canvas bag controversy

The Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition promised a lot of premium items for a price tag of $ 200, but players are angry over what appears to be false advertising by Bethesda regarding the special release. In addition to a copy of Fallout 76 and bonus in-game items, the Power Armor Edition includes a tricentennial steelbook, […]


DJ Khaled and Mayweather Jr. charged with fraud over cryptocurrency hype

Alex Berezowski/GettyImages Famed boxer and promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. and producer DJ Khaled have both been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for fraud after they were found to have been promoting investment in cryptocurrencies that they were paid to promote. The men will have to pay back around $ 500,000 in earnings to the […]


ProBeat: We can’t get over how human Google Duplex sounds

Watch the above video. Then watch it again, but close your eyes. Listen carefully to the voice making a restaurant reservation. Duplex — Google’s artificially intelligent chat agent that can arrange appointments over the phone — has started rolling out to a “small group” of Google Pixel phone owners in select cities (Atlanta, New York […]

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This all-in-one shaving system lets you use over 40 blades from different brands

Shaving today is more of a puzzle than it is a routine. Shaving cream, gel, aftershave, five-bladed razors, six-bladed razors, rotating heads, lubricating strips, no-nick blades … It’s a mess for any guy just trying to keep his face fuzz-free. To top that all off, every shaving company wants its own products in your hands. […]

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Toilet-scrubbing robot takes over one of the world’s crappiest jobs

[embedded content] When it comes to jobs that none of us enjoy, scrubbing the toilet would have to rank pretty highly. So why not hand the job over to robots? That might be exactly what happens if a team of engineers from the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany has its way. Calling themselves Team Homer, […]