These are the best indie games you can get on PC right now

PC has long been seen as the premier platform for indie games. The vast majority of heralded indies are available on PC, and even multi-platform indies often start out on PC before migrating to consoles. That said, the substantial uptick in popularity of indie games in recent years has led to more and more titles […]

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Douglas Adams was right: “Genuine people personalities” are coming to our gadgets

I remember the first time I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was back in junior high, around 1982, before I knew about the radio series. I got to the part where the automatic door talks to Arthur Dent, and I remember very clearly thinking: “This is ridiculous. Why would an automatic door need […]


Amazon Echo or Google Home: Which smart speaker is right for you?

If you’re in the market for a small speaker, you can go for an Apple HomePod with Siri inside or this $ 2,250 Bang and Olufsen deal, but if you’re looking for the most value, top features, and a solution that lets you spread music throughout your home, you only really have Amazon’s Echo speakers […]


Get up to $200 off the MacBook Pro in Best Buy’s Black Friday sale right now

As part of Best Buy’s Black Friday sale in the United States, the big-box retailer is currently discounting Apple’s entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro by as much as $ 200. Unlike many of the Black Friday promotions out there, this MacBook Pro deal is happening right now, so you don’t have to wait until after the […]

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Gab, Social Network Favored By The Far Right, Goes Back Online

Gab, a social network popular among alt-right activists and white nationalists, went back online Sunday after having gone dark following the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, which killed 11 people. The platform, a self-labeled champion of free speech, was dropped by domain provider last week. It announced its return Sunday evening with a new […]


New copyright ruling protects right to repair gadgets and archive video games

Protections for electronics users of all kinds have been passed in an extensive ruling by the Library of Congress that covers technologies as diverse as consumer electronics, farm equipment, 3D printing, and online learning platforms. The ruling prescribes exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a particularly unpopular law among technology fans that was […]

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Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1 review: Hidden features in all the right places

Enlarge Valentina Palladino Lenovo is making some changes to its premium lineup—though only diehard fans (and a tech reporter) may notice. Instead of the “Yoga” moniker denoting only convertibles and flexible PCs, Lenovo will now use the name on all of its premium consumer devices. Yes, we’ll start seeing Yoga laptops in addition to Yoga […]


Canon vs. Nikon vs. the Rest: Choosing the Right Camera System

If you’re reading this you are likely shopping for an interchangeable lens camera, and have decided to go with one of the two big brands—Canon or Nikon. But we recommend considering some other options as well. You might find that another system is a better fit, or you could end up picking a camera from […]

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Five Security Settings In iOS 12 You Should Change Right Now

iOS 12, Apple’s  latest mobile software for iPhone and iPad, is finally out. The new software packs in a bunch of new security and privacy features you’ve probably already heard about. Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of the new settings and lock down your device. 1. Turn on USB Restricted Mode to make hacking more difficult. […]


The 20 best PS4 games you can buy right now

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console this generation for a reason: It has an absolutely fantastic library of games. From sports to action to role-playing, there is something on the system for just about everyone. We’ve highlighted some of the best PS4 games available, which should satisfy your itchy trigger finger, tickle your funny bone, and […]