Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, video games, and the new online town square

Enlarge Aurich / Getty Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people—including one sitting US Congressperson—gathered online to watch a marathon stream of someone playing Donkey Kong 64. The most notable thing about this, perhaps, was just how little organic interest in Donkey Kong 64 actually had to do with much of the gathering. Let […]

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Gaming worth more than video and music combined

The video games sector now accounts for more than half of the UK’s entire entertainment market, according to a new report. The industry is worth £3.86bn ($ 4.85bn) – more than double its value in 2007 – said the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). That makes it more lucrative than video and music combined. The success […]


Ninja wins the Why Is This OK In Video Games Award

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is Twitch’s golden son. He plays Fortnite for audiences of tens of thousands of viewers. Ninja gained mainstream fame when he invited hiphop artist Drake onto his channel, and he revealed that he makes $ 500,000 a month from viewers subscriptions. But while Ninja doesn’t hesitate to play games live with famous […]


Grit and gear: How Chris Hershman went from retail clerk to music video director

Matt Scheffer Photography and music have long been part of Chris Hershman’s repertoire, but video took him by surprise. Now a filmmaker and photographer working with musicians like NEEDTOBREATHE, Switchfoot, Alabama Shakes, Betty Who, and more, Hershman says he moved from working a music retail job to producing music videos by mastering one task at […]

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Breathtaking video shows launch of a Soyuz rocket as seen from space

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released an incredible video showing a timelapse of the launch of the Russian Progress MS-10 cargo spacecraft on November 16 — as seen from space. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst ,who is currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS), took the images of the Progress launch as seen from high […]


‘Fortnite’ gifts perfect for the video game fan in your life

Chances are you have someone on your holiday shopping list who is a big fan of Fortnite. The battle royale game has become an untouchable worldwide phenomenon in 2018. As such, plenty of Fortnite-themed products are being made by companies both big and small. From board games to figurines to shirts and much more, there […]


Vine cofounder announces Byte, a new looping video app launching this spring

There will soon be a new looping video app for Vine fans to take a byte out of. Vine founder Dom Hofmann tweeted today that a new version of the video looping app that he’s been working on, called Byte, will launch in spring 2019. our new looping video app is called byte. launching spring […]


Watch Amazon Video on your Chromecast — no Fire TV Stick needed

Google Chromecast‘s simple press-and-stream system has garnered lots of fans since it’s initial launch. But although the streaming device has built-in apps for just about anything you’d want to stream, one of its only real omissions is the lack of Amazon Prime Video support for streaming films and TV series. Related reads Never fear: If you’re […]


GoPro’s video stabilization technology is so good, an eagle can use it

[embedded content] Who needs a drone for cool aerial shots when an eagle can do an even better job? OK, taking on responsibility for a bird of prey in order to satisfy your desire for dramatic drone shots does seem a little extreme, so we’ll ditch that idea. Instead, sit back and enjoy the spectacular […]

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See the National Forests like never before in this awe-inspiring drone video

[embedded content] What’s the difference between a National Park and a National Forest? Drones. The National Park Service banned drones several years ago after tourists proved time and time again that they couldn’t be trusted with them. But no such ban exists in the National Forests — at least, not yet — which gives filmmakers […]

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Like Google for CCTV, software could help cops scour surveillance video quickly

Surveillance footage can be a great security tool, but it works best when you know the exact moment that you’re looking for. Do you know that there was a break-in at your offices between 1 a.m. and 1.15 a.m. on Tuesday morning? Provided you’ve got cameras in the right place, closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage can […]


New copyright ruling protects right to repair gadgets and archive video games

Protections for electronics users of all kinds have been passed in an extensive ruling by the Library of Congress that covers technologies as diverse as consumer electronics, farm equipment, 3D printing, and online learning platforms. The ruling prescribes exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a particularly unpopular law among technology fans that was […]


Video: What to expect from the Oculus Quest

[embedded content] Video edited by CNE. Click here for transcript. When the consumer-level VR revolution came in 2016, it left behind a lot of potential consumers. That’s because, as Ars editor Sam Machkovech puts it, “a lot of [existing VR] is very expensive or very underwhelming.” Oculus’ upcoming Quest headset is setting out to be […]


Diving into Adobe’s cloud-based, edit-anywhere video app, Premiere Rush CC

Adobe has officially announced Adobe Premiere Rush CC, a cloud-first, cross-platform video editing app for Windows, MacOS, and iOS (with Android soon to follow). The app, which is free to download and try, is Adobe’s next step toward its ongoing efforts to move creativity to the cloud and make content and creation accessible across devices, […]


Open-world video games are getting too big for their own good

Video game worlds have certainly come a long way since their formative period in the 1980s, when it was impressive to just move in three dimensions rather than the limited 2D planes of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. As soon as technology made it possible, developers began turning video games from linear, guided experiences into […]